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Shosh is a mother or a grand-mother. The moment you step into her house, everything is forgotten. No matter who you are or what you do, Shosh cares about you and always will know what is good for you. Now you are at home, you are at Shosh.
Shosh is a place to explore our core, our heritage and history. In one word, Shosh is our inspiration.
At Shosh, we will reveal to you the Mejadra, the Sofrito and many more authentic flavors coming from far away. Based on a soulful and genuine Jerusalem cuisine, Shosh will fashion a multifaceted place to match its giving and heartwarming spirit.
Our new place, to take home, to discover and to share !
Shosh wanted to thank you all for coming to discover the flavors of its pop-up and looks forward to welcoming you in its new place !
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